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Thomas Cole Page

last update 8/6/2001


Thomas Cole ranks as my favorite artist. Although I never met the man, I did get to see an exhibition of his work. I have created these pages to pull together a number of sites on the internet, and to display electronic images of his work (please see the disclaimer on my Thomas Cole Images page.

I will link to a few external pages, but no external images, as I don't believe in theft of bandwidth. To see an exhibition of in-line images, and for additional text regarding his work, go to my Thomas Cole Images page.

Here, I link to a Thomas Cole Biography. Follow the link at the bottom of the page into a primer on the Hudson River School.
Here, I link to a web page about the Thomas Cole House  (although I have never visited his house).



And here are the paintings. I will work on thumbnails someday (yes, as a visitor, I very much appreciate when thumbnails are in place):

5/2002:  Tripod is not allowing direct linking, so I have added another page.

The Course of Empire series:

The Savage State
The Pastoral or Arcadian State
The Consummation of Empire

The Voyage of Life series, painted in 1842:

Old Age

Hudson River Valley Images:


under construction





Other Links:

The page on Hudson River School painters referred to above: Hudson River School
An essay on Art & Nature (Thomas Cole image on the 'cap2' page): Sublime Nature in the U.S. Capitol
A page at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
A page at The Detroit Institute of Arts
A Thomas Cole fan site: Landscape Into History
An index site (including some of his Italian paintings): Thomas Cole's Paintings




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